Sweat items and other new items pre-order now available

From October 29th to November 9th, 2022

We have started pre-order sales for 3 new items.

Cozy sweat dress , cropped sweat dress , tank top

3 points. Of course it's an organic cotton material.

A sweatshirt item for adults that can be worn by itself without looking sloppy. Pair it with a leather jacket and pearls for a stylish look, or pair it with sneakers for a light look. The bright melange colors are refreshing and can be enjoyed until early spring.

A 100% organic cotton tank top that incorporates customer feedback into the design.

It has the same support as a bralette, but is not as tight under the breasts. The soft milled fabric is double-layered, so it can be used as a belly wrap in cold weather.

Both are scheduled to be delivered by early January 2023. Please make sure you don't miss out on your purchase during the reservation period.