Kotone is a garment that listens to the voice of your heart.

To live comfortably and be yourself in a stressful life
When it comes to clothing that covers the body, comfort is the first priority.

The silhouette is made from superior organic cotton material.
It will help you experience the true comfort of clothes.

Say goodbye to clothes and innerwear that don't fit, don't feel good against your skin, or make you feel cold.

"Kotone" was created by combining cotton and the sound of a koto.

We deliver clothing that touches your heartstrings with as little environmental impact as possible through pre-order manufacturing.

Kotone's promise

1. Price transparency

Kotone will publish and sell the production price (fabric materials, sewing charges, processing charges) of each product. As a result, we make it clear to our customers how much it costs to plan and produce each piece of clothing in Japan in minimum lots of 10 to 20 pieces using domestically produced fabrics. This production price does not include design, pattern production, distribution, packaging, and marketing costs.

The issues surrounding the modern apparel industry are serious. Large companies rely on cheap overseas labor to produce tens of thousands of garments and sell them at low prices, making it impossible for consumers to see the true price of the clothes. However, no matter where you are, people's lives are behind everything from making thread from materials, making a roll of cloth, sewing a piece of clothing, planning, designing, creating a pattern, managing production, and distributing it. It doesn't change the fact that there is.

We will sell at appropriate prices so that people involved in the apparel industry can continue without being exploited or forced to do so, and so that Kotone itself can continue and develop. In addition, the price will be reviewed as necessary as Kotone continues. If the number of orders increases in the future and the number of lots increases, the production price may drop. Although Kotone is a small initiative, we believe that it has meaning for the current apparel industry, and we will work on it with conviction.

2. Size Inclusive We offer sizes that suit a variety of body types. (Please refer to the link)

3. Sustaina Blue is manufactured to order and delivered in a manner that takes into consideration the environmental impact. We choose materials that are GOTS certified and make them in places where people work for fair wages. We do not use excessive packaging or plastic in online sales.

4. We produce and sell products that support local industries . The director himself was born in Japan and currently resides in Australia, so he aims to select, produce, and sell materials in both Japan and Australia so that he can contribute to both Japanese and Australian industries.