Infertility counselor Kana Iwa's boxer shorts review

KOTONE Boxershorts

As a certified infertility counselor and herbal stylist, we asked Ms. Iwakana, who has listened to the physical conditions and concerns of people undergoing infertility treatment on a daily basis, to try out KOTONE's boxer shorts and hear her thoughts on them.

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When we received the shoes, the first comment we received was, ``It looks like you're not wearing it! It's so light!''

"It might be great for pregnant women. They tend to swell during pregnancy, and the range of motion (in shorts) is large. Recommended for people who are trying to conceive or are undergoing infertility treatment because they cover their stomachs and don't get cold, so they're recommended for people who use belly wraps. can.

It is also recommended for people who tend to get rashes on their private parts.

Some people have a lot of vaginal discharge and often get a rash, or some people get a rash from using vaginal tablets during infertility treatment, so I think this product is gentle on the skin and good for those people. I think the material that you touch directly is gentle and won't cause a rash.

These shorts don't cause any friction, and since you don't feel like you're wearing them, I have the impression that they won't irritate your skin. ”

KOTONE's boxer shorts began when director Maeda searched for comfortable shorts while pregnant. I couldn't find boxer-type shorts that weren't too tight at the base of my legs and had a firm crotch area, so I wondered why I had to look around for shorts to wear every day when I wasn't feeling the best.

Innerwear that provides some comfort to the rapidly changing body shape and daily changing physical condition. Please use this service whether you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. It is also recommended for those who experience skin irritation from synthetic fibers due to menopause, or those whose constitution has changed.

Boxer shorts have room in the hips and the crotch part is not designed to fit the crotch, so when you have a lot of vaginal discharge or during your period, you can layer them with high-cut shorts for added peace of mind.

Thank you for your feedback, Iwakana.