Reviews and responses to bralettes

We have started selling KOTONE innerwear in the spring of 2022. We would like to introduce some of the reviews from our customers and let you know about our response status.


・The bralette doesn't have the stress of the shoulder straps falling off, and it has a good hold that makes it impossible to wear anything else.

・I think my stiff shoulders have improved.

・This is what it means to forget you're wearing it, but your chest is protected. These days, I don't go out much and I've decided that I don't have any problem wearing a bra, but I wonder what it feels like. I am very satisfied with the top and bottom.

・It would be helpful if the area of ​​the bralette that covered the breasts was a little larger.

→In response to the above feedback, we have created a variation with a larger cup size. Expected to arrive in L and LL sizes from January 2023 onwards. Also, from now on, we will be able to accommodate requests for larger cup sizes for all sizes.

・Is it difficult to wear a bra without elastic under the bra? I would like to use it if it exists.

→A bralette without elastic would slip up and be unstable, so we created a tank top without elastic on the underside. Please try it in the future.

- Bras are easier to wear in the summer if they are made from a thinner fabric.

→Because the fabric is double-layered, some people may feel hot in midsummer. We are planning a cooler bralette that is easy to wear in the middle of summer.

・I felt that the flexibility around the shoulders was a little lacking.

→We recommend sizing up to give you more room around your shoulders. In the future, we are planning to create a bralette that uses elastic for part of the shoulder straps.

・I want something that can be padded.

→We are planning to create a type of bralette that can be padded in the future.

For those using bralettes

During the first batch, we observed a case where the under-chest elastic and seam allowance of the bralette would come undone on the inside after continued use. We have revised the sewing method for the second batch, but if this happens with the bralette you are currently using, we will provide you with an improved product at the actual production cost. Please let us know here .