Customer reviews Vol.1

We would like to introduce some of the comments from customers who ordered at the first order event.

lounge pants

  • It's not too tight around the hips, but the long ribbing at the hem makes it feel tight. Your ankles won't get cold, and it looks cute even if you let them loose on purpose.

  • When I read the introduction on the site, I was really looking forward to seeing how comfortable the pants were, but the indescribably smooth texture as they went around my ankles and the feeling of freedom when I wore them all the way to my stomach were completely different from the introduction. It was a pleasure like no other! Even the material inside the pocket is soft and comfortable. The part that touches the instep is also smooth.

We have only heard from people who use SS that their knees stick out, but after testing, we believe this is because there is less room for SS. This will be reflected in the next production.

comfort turtle

  • Thanks to the thick organic cotton that retains heat well, it is warm enough to wear as a trench coat. It's great because even though it's stretchy, it doesn't feel fleshy. It's already my favorite.

  • Many turtlenecks tend to soften at the neck after being worn for a while, but this one stays firm for a long time, which is nice. It's long so your stomach won't get cold. This is a piece that you can look forward to seeing when you put it on.

  • It feels nice on the skin, but protects your body well. The sleeves and turtleneck were a little long, but I think they'll get better after a few washes.

The length and sleeve length are set longer.
While it feels secure to be wrapped up completely, some people may find it to be a bit long. We have received several reviews saying that people who feel that the conventional product is shorter will be happy.

relaxed jumpsuit

  • What impressed me was how comfortable the jumpsuit was. Why does it feel so good? Is it because it's organic cotton? I became interested in adult rompers because the waffle material allows for unrestricted movement and is fluffy, and like a dress, it's more comfortable to cover both the upper and lower body. The problem is that if you put it on or layer it on top of it, it will be difficult to use the toilet.

  • The thick straps that go over your shoulders may also be a contributing factor to the comfort.

  • It has a great texture and feels great. The size was also okay. I want to wear it a lot and relax. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, making it a great shopping experience!

crew neck t-shirt

  • It feels nice to the touch and I'm happy that there are no tags attached. It's a great fit and doesn't show too much of your body line.

Please let us know your opinions (good and bad). All feedback will be used as reference for product development. I would be happy if you could grow KOTONE together.