About wrapping

We are considering packaging the product.

hero packaging instead of plastic Delivered in a 100% compostable outer bag. This bag is made from plant-derived degradable PLA and PBAT made from cornstarch, making it 100 % biodegradable. This bag has reusable glue on it, so if you cut it at the cut line at the opening festival, you can reuse it for shipping.

We hope that you will reuse it instead of throwing it away, or you can use it to collect food waste for home composting and put it directly into the compost.

Currently in Japan, it is not common to collect food waste for composting, but I think it is something that each household must do, and I think it is still common for apparel products to be shipped in transparent plastic. However, the reality is that shiny plastic that has been used only once becomes garbage and is not naturally decomposed or recycled, creating a huge environmental burden.

The outer bag is water repellent, so the product will be delivered wrapped in tissue paper. The tissue paper, stickers, and enclosed postcard can be recycled as used paper.

For the future, we will choose methods that have less environmental impact.