When reselling relaxed cotton shirts

KOTONE Relaxed Cotton Shirts

In Adelaide, Australia, where I currently live, the temperature difference between morning and evening is huge, and even in the middle of summer, it's chilly in the morning and evening, so wearing extra layers is a must. I made a relaxed cotton shirt last year, and ever since it arrived, this thin shirt has been my cardigan.

Although it is made with a generous amount of fabric, it is light as a feather and is comfortable even in the middle of summer without clinging to your skin. I layer it with a tank top when it's cold and a bralette on hot days.

Use it as a sun scarf over your swimsuit when you go to the beach. The feeling of the wind passing through your body is pleasant, and it dries quickly after washing, so you don't have to iron it.

Since moving to Australia, I've been wearing simpler clothes more often, so I reach for this shirt many times a week because it looks great on its own.

The reason I created indigo this time was to completely change the impression with the color. I dyed it using the color of denim as a reference. Rather than a dark blue, the indigo color that changes depending on the light can be worn casually or classily depending on your styling. It also gives a more genderless impression than ecru.

Wear it casually like a dungaree shirt, or wear it delicately with accessories. You don't have to worry too much about dirt, and you can enjoy it in a different setting than with Ecru.

Which color do you prefer, ecru or indigo?

I would be happy if it could become a piece of art that I spend my days with.

Reservations for relaxed cotton shirts are available until February 26, 2023.

KOTONE Director