Listen to the designer's commitment to more than just comfort.

If you want a t-shirt that feels comfortable all the time, and you want to wear it anytime, where can you find your favorite? I've been looking for it.

My favorite is a vintage French navy T-shirt that my mother gave me. I've been wearing this T-shirt for over 20 years and still have it, with a crew neck that gets crispy every time I wash it, and the perfect length and sleeve length.

I also often wore Petit Bateau T-shirts when I was young. However, the length and sleeves were too short, and it fit my body too well, so as I got older, it no longer suited me.

Since I don't know where I can get it, I have no choice but to make it myself, so I've made many T-shirts out ofgrosgrain , and this time as well, I've made changes based on what I've learned and reflected on.

Typical women's T-shirts are too large around the neck, narrow at the waist to fit the body, and short in length and sleeves. That's not a T-shirt. It's cut and sewn.

Rather than a cut-and-sew shirt, I just want to wear a t-shirt in a genderless and casual way.

The crew neck is cuffed to prevent it from looking sloppy. The neck dimensions are increased as you go up in size, so it shouldn't be uncomfortable, but if you have a strong neck, we recommend going up one size. (The model wearing Louie is a professional Muay Thai boxer, so he has a relatively strong neck and the neck part is clearly visible)

The long T-shirt has a width that allows you to roll up your sleeves and keep the sleeves from falling and becoming too tight.

The material is 100% cotton, and we want it to withstand repeated washing and wear out like a French navy T-shirt.

Those who ordered last time have experienced the comfort of organic cotton fabric. Milled fabric is softer and hugs the skin better than the waffle fabric of jumpsuits or the ribbed fabric of turtles. Like another skin. It absorbs sweat very well, so it won't cling to your body and keep you dry.

The size is detailed with 5 sizes available. If you are unsure about the size, whether you want to wear it snugly or loosely, please contact us. The length and sleeve length are a little long. This will also satisfy those who have difficulty choosing the size of commercially available products. If you would like to shorten the length and sleeve length, please leave a message to that effect in the comments at the time of purchase. We will respond to your reservation free of charge.

Please experience the comfort and the convincing silhouette at the same time.

Customers who have previously purchased the product have been happy to hear comments such as, ``My hands reach out as soon as I wash it,'' ``It's working great,'' and ``There's a small hole in the neck after it's worn out, but I think I'll repair it with darning.'' I am receiving it.

I am confident! That's why it became long.

Pre-order only . Don't miss out on your purchase.

Mina Maeda