Laundering results of tiered dress

KOTONE Tiered Dress Washing Test

Whether you can wash clothes at home or not is a factor that is directly connected to whether you can continue to wear the clothes sustainably for a long time.

We would like to report the results of a machine wash test of the 100% organic cotton tiered dress, which is currently accepting reservations until July 2nd (Sunday) .

In conclusion, you can wash it at home in a washing machine.

In the test, I put it in a laundry net and washed it. Fine wrinkles will be noticeable immediately after washing. When it is half-dried, adjust its shape as much as possible, smooth out the wrinkles with your hands, and hang it on a hanger to dry.

By hanging the fabric on a hanger, the weight of the fabric will help loosen the wrinkles.

The wrinkles on the upper body part were less noticeable even after air drying, and the wrinkles were noticeable on the hem. Finish the hem with a light iron on medium heat and steam.

In order to enjoy your clothes for a long time, and to reduce the impact on the environment, choosing items that can be washed at home as much as possible is also a step towards a #sustainable wardrobe. All KOTONE products are made from organic cotton. It is designed with the premise that laundry can be done easily at home.

Washing in hot water and exposing it to the heat of a dryer will cause cotton to shrink and put stress on the fabric. In order to use clothes made from natural materials for a long time, try washing them at low temperatures and drying them naturally instead of using a dryer.