For people's well-being.

comfort is self-care

Accepting ourselves as we are and loving and caring for our minds and bodies every day is the most essential thing to thrive in this stressful world.

A customer once commented, "wearing comfortable underwear makes me feel I am being treated with respects and I can feel better about being myself. "

These comments have stayed in our mind for a while because it showed the way KOTONE wants to be. 

Choosing clothing that is close to one's own senses and brings a sense of security and comfort, allows us to live our lives free from the trends and what people think of us. Two years have passed since we launched KOTONE and we have a strong feeling that we have a positive response from our customers. 

KOTONE's journey is still a small one that has just started, but as a label that supports self-care, we would like to offer a special discount for those who provide services and practice for people's physical and mental wellbeing.  This time, we are looking for eligible applicants.

Physiotherapists and others involved in rehabilitation

Those engaged in chiropractic, and body massage.

Yoga, Pilates, gym or dance instructors.

Clinical psychologists

Psychological counselor

Women's healthcare professionals

Mental healthcare professionals

Other healthcare professionals

If you wish to receive a 15% discount on KOTONE products, please send us your contact details and a link to a website or social networking site that shows your profession. We will apply certain conditions for the discount to be applied, such as referring us on SNS. Wholesales are also available on request. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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KOTONE Director

Mina Maeda


KOTONE is clothing for self-care.

I feel that accepting yourself as you are and living each day with love and respect for your mind and body is the most necessary thing to do in order to live in today's stressful world.

``Wearing comfortable underwear makes me feel like I'm taking good care of myself and keeps my self-esteem high.'' A comment I received from a customer in the past has stuck with me deeply, and it points to the way KOTONE should be. I feel like that.

Choosing clothing that is close to your senses and gives you a sense of security that envelops you will become the core of your life without depending on the trends of the time or the way others see you. It's been two years since we released each product to the world with these thoughts in mind, and we are feeling a solid response.

KOTONE's journey is still small and has just started, but as a label that values ​​self-care, we can cooperate with those who provide services and medical treatment for people's physical and mental well-being, and deliver it to those who need it. We would like to offer you a special discount sale. This time, we are recruiting candidates.

People involved in rehabilitation such as physical therapists

Chiropractors, chiropractors, people involved in massage work

Yoga/Pilates/gym/dance instructors

Clinical psychologist

Psychological counselor

For gynecological medical workers

Psychiatric medical workers

Other medical workers

We will be targeting the above, but if you are in any other occupation related to wellbeing, please let us know and let us know.

If you are interested, please send your contact information, website/SNS link etc. that shows your occupation from the inquiry section . We will continue to offer KOTONE products at a 15% discount. In order to apply the discount, we will set certain conditions such as introducing you on SNS etc. Wholesale sales are also possible upon consultation. We look forward to receiving your applications.

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KOTONE Director

Minako Maeda