Organic cotton boat neck T-shirt

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Boat neck shirt made from 100% organic cotton milled fabric.

Design and tailoring:
A boat neck that accentuates the narrow opening of the neck and the overlap of the shoulders. The boat neck makes the silhouette of your neck look beautiful.
The waist part is slightly shaped and the length is shorter than a T-shirt for a light feel. (The neck part tends to stretch when washed, so we recommend washing it separately in a net.) As shown in the photo, when tucked into a clean bottom, this top will give a clean impression by itself.

I have not added a name or tag to the item to make it feel more comfortable.

Sewn at a sewing factory in Japan.

A boat neck made of milled fabric with a natural stretch feel to the fabric itself.
Since it is made of 100% organic cotton and does not contain polyurethane, the fabric does not deteriorate easily even after long periods of wear, and is resistant to pilling.
It feels very nice to the touch, and the fabric is just the right thickness to prevent it from showing through your underwear.
Excellent sweat absorption. (If you sweat, the color of the fabric will look darker in that area.)
Its moisture-absorbing properties keep you dry in the summer, and it has excellent heat-retaining properties as an inner layer in the winter.
Organic cotton is cotton grown on farmland that has been grown for three years without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and with almost no use of these pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We use Japanese fabric made from organic cotton from Turkey and knitted in Fukui.

Available in 3 sizes

Model wearing size Height: 165cm, B: 85cm, W: 70cm, H: 95cm, wearing size M

W 75cm
Length 60cm
Sleeve length 56cm

Length 62cm
Sleeve length 58cm
W 81cm

B 95cm~102cm
Length 64cm
Sleeve length 60cm

Production amount breakdown:

Fabric accessory fee: 1,450 yen Sewing fee: 3,300 yen (design, pattern, distribution, and sales costs are not included in the above)

This is an immediate delivery product that KOTONE has taken over the product number that was sold under the Grosgrain name. Please note that sizes and colors are limited.
Your order will be shipped within 2-3 days (excluding holidays) from within Japan.

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