Kapok Relaxed Shirt

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kapok relaxed shirt

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A relaxed shirt made of brushed material that combines organic cotton and kapok, a new sustainable material made from tree nuts.

55% organic cotton from Türkiye, 45% kapok from Indonesia. Kapok is a new material that is 1/8th the weight of cotton and has a high hollowness rate, so it has excellent insulation, heat retention, and moisture absorption.

A fine houndstooth patterned material that is blended with organic cotton and brushed to provide warmth and softness. of fabric Spinning and fabrication are done in China.


Based on the loose fit of the popular organic cotton relaxed shirt, we reduced the amount of gathers based on the thickness of the fabric, creating a neat and genderless look. The cuffs are made with a sword rag and feature the details of a men's shirt, and the buttons are on the front right this time as well. For the small regular collar, you can enjoy different expressions by unbuttoning one or two buttons. The buttons are Japanese shell buttons. Black pearl buttons are used for the gray color, and pearl oyster buttons are used for the cream color. A subtle shine adds elegance to the shirt.

Generous length and sleeve length, comfortable neckline. Wearing it alone will give you a slimming effect, and you can also wear a Comfort Turtle underneath and layer it on top. Available in 3 sizes, it is a size that can be comfortably worn by many people.

A large pocket on the chest is an accent. Designed and functional, it has a button at the top of the pocket.

To clean, place inside out in an organic cotton laundry bag and wash in the washing machine. Prevents fuzzing and lasts longer. Before hanging it to dry, smooth out any wrinkles with your hands and hang it to dry naturally.

Please also take a look at the three reasons why KOTONE makes shirts .

Please refer to the size chart on the image for size.

Wearing size

Louie (Female) Height 165cm B85cm  Wearing ML size

Benoit (male) height 173cm 72kg ML size 

Production amount breakdown

Fabric accessories fee 3,460 yen

Sewing fee: 7,700 yen.It will be sewn at a sewing factory in Tokyo.

Shipping within Japan, Australia, and New Zealand will be at our expense.

*The gray sample in the photo has not changed much in terms of its atmosphere, but it is before any minor adjustments have been made. The exact silhouette corresponds to the cream color, and the changes are that the drop shoulders have been changed a little (the drop has become weaker) and the amount of gathers on the sleeves has been reduced. Please refer to it.

Why is Kapok sustainable?

Kapok grows widely in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. It grows quickly and requires little water, and no pesticides or insecticides are used for its growth. It also has a low environmental impact because it is collected from nuts without cutting down trees. Until now, it has been used as batting due to its short fibers, but in recent years it has become a new material that can be used as fabric by blending it with other materials such as cotton.

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